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The following is a list of people dealing with brain tumors. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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Joe Marchese [07/16/2005-899] Riverhead, NY USA : My husband Joe is 46, He was dianosed with glioblastoma this past November. He and I and our two sons need your prayers, I really believe in the power of prayer and know it will help to keep us strong. Thank you all.
maryann marino [01/27/2011-2484] Ventura, CA USA : I was diagnosed wity oglioastrocytoma on Dec. 13th 2011. completely removed with surgery . it is my second time with brain tumor. Had one 12 years ago. Never expected to get a new different one. please pray for me tht I can recover again and have another 12 years. I am inspired by all your stories.Will start radiation and temodar tomorrow.
Cindy martin [02/05/2011-2490] Sterling, VA USA : Please pray for my good friend was dx with a brain tumor on 10/2010..In the name of god please take this nasty tumor away..
Penny Martin [04/07/2007-1488] Tampa, FL USA : My fiances mother, Penny Martin, is having some heavy health problems and is currently going to the hospital to get looked at. Please pray for the Lord to use his strength to heal her if it is His will. She is in a lot of pain and needs all the prayer that can be managed for her. Thank you and God bless.
David Martin [01/08/2009-817] Roseboro, NC USA : I was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost a week ago 03/11/05 please pray for me and I will pray for everyone on this list there is no greater power than that of our lord God.
travis brandon martin [10/27/2005-970] madison, WI USA : please pray that when my son turns himself into the court system for failure to register, that he will find favor with the judge that the time he must serve will be minimal and that he will be safe in jail. Travis is trying to make things right by doing the right thing but he is extremely frightened. Thank you so much for praying for my son and may God be with you always.
Sarah Martindale [12/16/2006-1352] Canton, GA USA : She is 8 years old and was born with a brain tumer and is non-operable. The docters say that she will not make it to a high school reading level but I have more faith. Please keep her in your prayers she is a gift from God.
Ray Marutske [01/12/2009-967] Richmond, CA USA : PCNS
Gina Mason [08/19/2007-1589] Bourbonnais, IL USA : recently diagnosed, at 39 years old, wife and mother of 3, and 5 year breast cancer survivor, she is ready, with God, family and friends, for the battle. Please pray for her.
Jeff Massie [01/07/2009-1670] Marshall, VA USA : i have 2 young children, and my brain tumor is showing signs of growth. poor prognosis, but God is able! please pray for healing. thank you!
Theresa Mathes [10/01/2005-948] CEDAR PARK, TX USA : I underwent surgery 05/27/05 for a pineoblastoma. God has already performed one huge miracle - MRI shows that the doctor got it ALL! Please pray that nothing was hidden and that is no recurrance. I also need prayer for a support group as we are new to AUSTIN, TEXAS and going through this alone. Thank you and I am praying over the list for all of you as well.
Leanne Mazal [11/20/2005-994] Sudbury, ON CANADA : My cousin just had a brian anurism and is in a coma. She has 2 little girls and a husband she loves so much. She's already had tragedy in her life. Can you please pray for her and her family - Jason, Arial, Kirsten, Diane, Tammy and Mark.
Mike McAnnally [07/11/2004-576] Houston , TX USA : First year of diagnosis and treatment for 41 yr old w/ Grade II Oligodendroglioma
Corinne McCall [08/19/2014-3740] Chula Vista, CA USA : meningioma/posterior fossa
Darren McCaskill [07/14/2004-580] Galveston, TX USA : My best friend, Darren has terminal brain cancer. He recently had brain surgery and is now going through chemotherapy and readion.
Christopher McClaskey [03/31/2010-2380] Nampa, ID USA : Diagnosed in 2008, had surg, rad. and Temodar. New tumor 3/2010. Prognosis grim.
John McClung [06/02/2012-1079] Dallas, TX USA : Originally diagnosed with inoperable AA in May 1989, treated with radiation and chemo; new growth, debulked Aug 2004, AO, more radiation, chemo. Disabled and in a slow decline. Please pray for comfort and hope, peace, strength.
Chris McClure [08/03/2006-520] Cramerton, NC USA
Charlie McCune [06/01/2006-1170] , USA : Please pray for my dad Charlie. He has a GBM brain tumor and it couldn't all be removed by the surgeon. He is finished with IMRT radiation and his second round of Temodar. He will have his MRI on June 12 and we will find out the results on June 14. I know my dad can beat this with the help of prayers and GOD. I know prayers work! Thank you.
Charles McCune [08/03/2006-1104] , IN USA : My dad Charlie is going to start radiation and Temodar on Tuesday 3/14/06 for his brain tumor. Please pray for my dad so he can beat this tumor. He says he wants to beat this tumor and put it behind him so he can go on with life.
Gregg McKiernan [04/14/2003-12] Santa Cruz, CA USA
melissa mclaughlin [03/14/2007-1462] Olathe, KS USA : I was diagnosed with a "true" acrachnoid cyst 4 years ago..I have it monitored yearly for any growth spurts, it is growing but not enough to warrant a surgery, the risks outway the symptoms right now...As I write this I am sick with a stiff neck, pounding headache, weakness, and eye pressure not to mention the nausea...please prayn for me and my health....God Bless
Glenda McMillan [01/27/2009-2112] Kamloops, BC canada : my sis has cancer of the brest and is going through cemo, she is in so much pain. please pray for her
Norma Medders [01/02/2005-725] Rossville, GA USA : This is my mother and she was diagnoised with brain and lung cancer on 6 December 2004. Please keep her in your prayers. She means the world to me and my family.
Dennis Mellors [04/30/2007-1503] Hull, England : My Dad is dying from a Glioblastoma, he is very afraid. Please pray to give him peace of mind and not be afraid.
Zane Melmed [08/06/2006-749] Los Angeles, CA USA : Please pray for my 27 year old husband with an inoperable GBM. He has been courageously fighting this disease for over a year.
Karey Mendoza [06/24/2004-565] Valdosta, GA USA : After my third brain surgery, I was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma. I have already completed radiation, and I still have about four months of radiation left. With God's help, my next check up will be clear. My prayers are with everyone on this list.
Nelson Mendoza [08/07/2006-1006] Manila, Philippines
Melissa Meraz [02/20/2007-1440] Odessa, TX USA : My little sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor but collapsed and ended up in ICU before getting an an alysis on the tumor. She underwent emergency surgery and they removed the tumor but she is still in critical condition. Please keep her in your prayers.Thank you and god bless.
Melissa Meraz-Levario [06/28/2008-1860] Odessa, TX USA : SAD UPDATE.....On 2-20-07, my Brother posted a prayer request for my 21 year old Sister (Loving Wife and Mother of 3 year old Son). She was diagnosed on Friday Feb. 16, 2007 with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in her cerebellum (lower part of brain). Her neurologist told us that her brain was very swollen and that there was a lot of fluid in her ventricles due to the tumor being so big, which was causing my Sister to have severe headaches. Other than the sudden onset headaches, she was a normal, EXTREMELY outgoing, bubbly person. As I said, she was diagnosed on Friday and the Neurologist told us that these tumors are usually non-malignant and easily removed. He sent her home with a prescription for the swelling and set her up an appointment with a neurosurgeon for the following Tuesday. He never really seemed concerned with the whole situation. The following day, Saturday at around 9:00 P.M., she suddenly collapsed and had a seizure. while on route to the hospital (by ambulance), she was awake and laughing and talking to the paramedics, when she suddenly had another seizure and a stroke. To make a long story short, we never saw her beautiful eyes open again, nor that beautiful smile, smile again. She remained in a coma, practically brain dead for one week and passed away on the 23rd of February. This has been devastating for all of us, including her 3 year old son. She was truly loved by many many people including us, her family. Over 500 people attended her funeral, that pretty much says everything about her. The swelling of the brain was so severe that she should have been admitted into surgery on Friday immediately for a ventricolostomy in order to drain the fluid from her brain and decrease the swelling, but instead her Neuro sent her home...I just want to alert everyone out there as to what has happened to us. Her Neurologist neglected to order proper treatment for her and apparently didn't see the severity of her case (even though the Radiologist talked to him personally about the severity of the case) She was in her second year of College in the Radiology program and had a whole life ahead of her. She was truly an incredible person and is missed dearly by all. "Sis I Love You with my Entire Heart" "May You Rest in Peace and I await patiently until the day we reunite again"....Please visit her Memorial at (search for Melissa Meraz Levario) Thank You and May God Bless All who are struggling with brain tumors and any other sickness....My Prayers are with you all....
Robin Mercer [11/21/2006-1362] Zephyrhills, FL USA
Rochess Meregillano [10/14/2004-662] Manila, Philippines : She's 27 years old.
pam merith [08/03/2006-642] LOUISVILLE, KY USA : please for my sister she has lung cancer the doctors gave he 6 months to a year to live please pray for her
Lora Michl [09/03/2003-286] Omaha, NE USA : Lora is suffering from a painful and mysterious illness that has doctors guessing. The illness has lasted many months and is progressively getting worse. Please pray for Lora and her husband.
judy miller [03/02/2004-281] paris, KY USA
Mary Jane Miller [04/13/2003-65] Omaha, NE USA : Please pray for my mom, just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thank you and God Bless you.
Gayla Miller [01/26/2007-1413] , FL USA : She has secondary breast cancer that has affected her brain(frontal lobe) once and because of the signs of symptoms are back, I am afraid she may have it again, only after a year since the last tumor on her brain. She also has a tumor on her lower spine that is causing her much pain and her weight is quite low. PLease pray for my mom.Thank you and I will keep all of you in my prayers as well.
Eric Milov [06/01/2012-2566] Livingston, NJ USA : Please, pray for my husband, Eric. He has GBM and we are praying for a miracle. May it be G-d will to bring him health and full recovery.
Cveta Minev [03/29/2004-464] Akron, OH USA : 56 year old house wife, dedicated mother and wife. Needs prayer and reinforcement
clay minick [08/22/2003-276] riverview, FL USA : i am clays friend and known him for 40 years he has been given 2 months to live please pray for his soul .
adrian Mink [02/11/2004-423] Phoenix, AZ USA : Adrian is 33 and just diagnosed with stage 4, glioblastoma. All prayers would be appreciated.
Devany Miranda [02/12/2003-50] Los Angeles, CA USA : Day By Day...
Harry Mitchell [07/23/2005-904] bristol, VA USA : 61. Brain tumor. 6 months to a year to live. 2 new spots only had since 16th of Jan. 2005
Martha Molina [04/22/2003-64] San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America : My mother was operated because she had a glioblastoma. Then, she was radiated whiht gamma knife, but her life is always in danger because she has a enourmous cerebral edema that doesn´t stop growing. Please, pray for her, she really needs it.
Sallie Moody [04/24/2003-53] Covington, VA USA : Sallie is my wife, my life, the mother of my baby. I have built my life around her and would never find someone like her again. I dont even want to try. Right now God has the tip of his finger on her tumor, the light shines bright on the MRI. If she goes, I'm going with her.
Hayden Moore [04/26/2004-500] Pulaski, VA USA : 4-24-04 Hayden is 7 and has been diagnosed with ATRT brain tumor. Please pray for a miracle.
Amber Moosvi [10/18/2014-2586] Des Plaines, IL USA : Amber is only 16 years old and has Stage 4 GBM. She is fighting for her life and prayers are needed. You can learn more about her journey at Thank You

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