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The following is a list of people dealing with brain tumors. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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Garrett Jones [06/01/2012-521] Lewisburg, WV USA : Garrett is a loving 6 yr old boy who is full of life. He was diagnosed with a low grade glioma, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.
Terrence Jones [02/02/2004-416] Virginia Beach, VA USA : Please collectively pray for one of my twin brothers who has been diagnosed with fluid on the brain and spine. He is now being operated on. Thanking you in advance for the recovery of his life through the many prayers that were prayed. His sister, Teresa
Gareth Jones [05/29/2005-871] Manchester, England : Please pray for my nephew,he's 24 and has got Glioblastoma,he is so brave, please please pray for him xx
Tammy Jones [02/01/2005-767] Tacoma, WA USA : GBM 4 9 months in!
Virginia Jones [12/23/2002-6] Mooresville, IN USA : Please pray for my mom, she was dx with gbm in aug and is in her last stages of this horrible disease...Please pray that God will allow a painless passing and for comfort for the huge family she will leave behind. Especially for my dad, who is now suicidal.
Kenny Jonsson [03/05/2004-443] Dallas, TX USA : Kenny was diagnoised 2/5/2003 with GBM-4. He underwent surgery at MD Anderson, Clincial Trial at UCLA. 3/5/2004 was told another tumor has appeared. He has two 3 year twin sons. Please pray for him.
Eileen Jule [05/25/2004-535] Chaddsford, PA USA : My sister is a 41yr old with 2 great kids. She has a recurrent brain tumor. MRI today showed significant changes. Poss surgury and chemo next action. Please pray for her and her family
Janet K [08/03/2006-308] Toronto, Canada
Joe K [12/26/2003-388] Ottawa, ON Canada : Has just had a stage III tumor removed. Starts radiation after Christmas. Please pray for this dear young man and his family. My prayers are with all of you.
Stan K [04/14/2014-730] Port Reading, NJ USA : My beautiful husband & father of 3 Keep him in your prayers
KIM K [01/07/2009-1519] ALPHARETTA, GA USA : Please pray for this beautiful young mom, daughter,wife, sister, cousin, aunt and friend.
Roma K [05/04/2009-2239] DALEVILLE, VA USA
Lexie K [12/17/2006-1379] N, VA USA : I'm in desperate need of as many prayers as I can get right now. A dear friend of mine's daughter just had brain surgery,she's went threw the brain surgery and took out the mass in her brain fine, but then things slowly started to turn from ok to bad. she's only 19 months old, she's in Critical condition right now with an infection in her blood and her body is no longer producing there own red blood cells.Currently she has a breathing tube, doing the breathing for her and she's had to have blood transfusions. She's the sickest girl in there hospital right now. I ask you all to please pray for Baby Lexie. Her mom's as anyone can only imagine is going threw the worst time right now, and is not well herself, so she too could use some prayers, her Mom has Lupus and she looks drained as anyone would be. She's a wonderful Mother and her daughter is a bright little girl, full of life, we need to ask GOD to send Lexie back home in the arms of her loving family. Pray for Lexie, keep her in your prayers daily. Keep the family in your thoughts as well. Lexie's got a wonderful Daddy who's in the Navy as well as an older brother and sister. Please give this family prayers for strength to make it threw this terrible time. Most importantly give Lexie the strenght to make it threw this. In Jesus name, we thank you. AMEN
David K [01/08/2009-1701] Riverside, CA USA : Please pray for my Dad, David, he has a Meniginoma Brain tumor and will be under going treatment in the next few weeks. Your thoughts and Prayers mean so much to us right now, Thank you!
John K [02/10/2008-1731] Streamwood, IL USA : My thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. I ask all of you who visit this site to pray for all of these courageous people who must face each day with the will to win. Our prayers will make a difference! God Bless You All!
Howard Kaden [11/14/2013-3718] Merrick, NY USA
Vivian Karlson [12/17/2006-1377] Augusta, ME USA : My Old Gram has been diagnosed just Monday with a brain tumor,she has cancer in the brain. They can't operate, they stated yesterday that she don't have long to live. I pray that you all pray to keep this woman here on earth with us longer, She's a woman of GOD a true woman of GOD and I love this woman like she's my blood Grandmother I always have been close to her, she's my Grandmother IN law, but it's never felt that way, I've felt like she's my actual grandmother, I've been in the family now for 10 years and I just can't picture losing her to cancer. Please help her threw this, perform a miracle GOD. Please do not make my OLD Gram suffer. She's been falling down and her thinking is not thesame now, this is how they found out Monday that something was wrong with her. :( please pray for her, please?! I Love you Old Gram, with all my heart and soul!
michael karolyi [09/30/2004-649] ponce,puerto rico, PR USA : recently operated of glioblastoma multiforme.he is in God's hands.
Anthony Kashi [06/01/2012-2088] Parma, OH USA : Please pray for our seven year old son Anthony to be cured of his Brainstem Tumor that he was diagnosed with in March 2007
Soreth Kathy [12/18/2003-385] Churchville, PA USA : Please pray for my mom. She was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in May 2003. She is my strength and my best friend. Please send her prayers and positive thoughts. Everyone on this list is my prayers.
steve katyal [02/26/2004-438] chicago, IL USA : my dear father, a brave, courageous and brilliant man, who was just diagnosed with a glioblastoma. Surgery was last week, and I do not know what the future will hold for him. Please pray to God for his comfort and well-being. He is my inspiration.
Andrew Keenan [08/07/2003-257] Lawrence, KS USA : Andy (my beloved fiance) has had three brain surgeries since March 2003 for a GBM tumor. He is almost finished with his radiation treatment. Please pray that his first MRI is clean!
Senator Ted Kennedy [06/01/2012-1853] Boston, MA USA : Best wishes to the Senator!
John Kern [05/26/2009-2139] Abingdon, MD USA : My Dad was diagnosed with Glioblastomamultiforme in Sept. 2008; he is 62 yrs. Another tumor has grown after receiving, surgery, chemo, and radiation. He is going to have another surgery & a chemo wafer placed in his brain. Please pray for him! He is a wonderful Dad & Grandfather! He already lost a son (Scott was 23 years old), we have just been through so much- I should write a book! Anyhow, we could use all the prayers we can get to help our small family! I am thanking you in advance & we will pray for all who are suffering with this cancer! Love, Kristy
Joerg Kerstan [12/04/2005-1013] Kiel, Germany : got diagnosed with 2 brain tumors, had 2 surgeries, but the second tumor could not be removed all the way and keeps growing back. He is going back into the hospital mid december.
Megan Kestel [09/07/2003-290] Lexington, KY USA : ? DNET Tumor
Alyssa Key [07/03/2004-572] Prattville, AL USA : Alyssa is 16 months old. She was diagnosed with a hypothalmic glioma yesterday (2 Jul 04). Please keep her in your prayers. She is our little angel and we love her dearly. She will be having a biopsy performed Tuesday, 6 Jul 04. We pray it is not malignent. She may start chemo (sp?) 10 days after surgery. The Doc does not want to take it all out in case it causes problems, he wants to attack it with chemo to shrink it. Alyssa is our first and only child so this is all new to us and any prayers and thoughts will help us. The power of prayer works! Thank you so much, Tony, Erika and Alyssa Key
Jan Kilminster [06/06/2007-1535] Birmingham, United Kingdom : Please pray for my mum who has a GBM grade 4. Currently trying to find out if tumor has returned. I am carrying her second grandchild and would love for her to spend a decent amount of time with him/her. Thank you
Justin Kim [01/06/2009-698] San Bruno, CA USA : Hello my name is Justin Kim, and I am 24yrs old. In May 2002 I was diagnosed with Germinoma Brain Tumor cancer. Since the treatment of chemotherapy/radiation I've been fine and in remission, but currently, there was a miscalculation or mistake by the head doctors or board so I am diagnosed again with possibly Germinoma Brain Tumor. However, I am a survivor, a fighter, and I will never ever give up/quit for I will beat this tumor for good and forever! =)
Kennedy Kimbro [07/25/2003-236] Iowa Park, TX USA : Please keep my little 8 year old son in your prayers. We are 16 mths into this horrible monster. Please pray that God's will be done through him and his family, and that Kennedy has a great quality of life and gets to feel like going to school, playing with friends like a young 8 year old will. Also pray that God will do something spectacular in Kennedy's life to show him how special he is to the Lord!!! By the way he was saved in the early spring!! Praise the Lord!!! Also when you pray also praise the good Lord for the life that he has allowed Kennedy to lead and that Kennedy will be a light for the Lord to guide all of us too.
Marshall Kinard [04/22/2009-2229] Pelion, SC USA : Please pray for my cousin. He has been diagnosed with the brain tumors they call the terminator. The drs tell him the longest survivor is 2 yrs. He is only 31. please keep him in your prayers. Thanks and god bless.
David King [06/06/2004-544] Bellevue, WA USA : my husband has glioblastoma multiforme please pray for a miraculous recovery for him, and strength for me.
Max Kleckner [07/06/2008-1878] San Diego, CA USA : Our friends 4 year old son has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please pray fro Max and his parents Mark and Natalie. We are with you guys love Garry, Rae & Caden xx
Amos Kneene [02/05/2008-1723] Jacksonville, FL USA : My brother is 26 years old and has a tumor in his brain. This has been the largest family tragedy I've ever had to deal with. I found out saturday. Today is tuesday and he's suppose to go into surgery tomorrow morning, they don't know if he's going to make it. Please pray for my brother.
Jeff Koetje [01/15/2007-1405] Calabasas, CA USA : For relief of a stomach problem and the associated abdomin pain that comes with it.
Lauren Kosanovich [09/09/2005-933] Phoenix, AZ USA : I have been ill for over 8 years. Many many symptoms. Finally a bright radiologist found a cyst in the rt lobe. Now the films seem to be pointing to the pineal gland. I do not know where to start, my dr (gp) says it is nothing, one other neuro took one glance at my film and laughed me out of the office. I am in constant pain, thyroid shutting down, and balance, memory, vision all worsening. Please pray for me. I've been jerked around for 8 years and I feel too tired to go on. No one seems to care or get me into a PROPER neurosurgeon. I want and have begged for a spinal tap. To no avail. Will be seeing another neurOLOGIST soon as I get the courage. I also have another lesion on my medulla. I'm getting no help am desperate. Cannot live in pain like this and all that comes with it. Fell in the shower the other day. Things just get worse. I am 37 and my periods have stopped, memory is so bad I can't remember my appointments or names of people anymore. I'm afraid of my now becoming suicidal. Keep me in your parayers. Anyone with any info to help me PLEASE e-mail. laurenb111@cox,net. THANK YOU and bless you all.
Jeffrey Krauszer [06/01/2012-2580] Mantoloking, NJ USA : Please pray for my husband, Jeff, who has been battling GBM, grade IV since 05/28/2010. His 3 children need him. God Bless.
Nathan Krohn [09/03/2003-283] Pandora, OH USA : Nathan is my younger brother, he is 22, just got married in January and they just had a baby boy three weeks ago. We found out he has a mid-grade astrocytoma. Please pray for him and his family.
Deloris Kuhn [04/24/2009-2231] Rochester, IN USA : Please pray for our mom who was diagnosed with GBM 4/08/09. She had surgery et had 80% of tumor removed et soon will be starting chemo and radiation. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
SIMRAN KURAPATI [12/28/2010-2473] HYDERABAD, AP INDIA : My baby Simra has got spanal cord tumor 1.0 cms. the biopsy report has gave positive. it's rare cancer for the childerns(10%). Doctor's can't cure this cancer. There is no treatment for this type of Gliablostama(Spanal Cord Cancer). We want go for Radio & Chemo Therophy. We are trust and belive the Jesus miracles. everybody has done prayer to quick permenant heal. we are wait for the GOD MIRACLE and wait for the GOD option. All the best for simran quick recovery. we are asking to every one do needfull pray our beloved daughter health. Thanks and Regards, Lakshminarayana.K
Justin L [09/18/2011-2525] san diego, CA USA : Sweet young man 6th grade shows up to class wearing a red baseball cap and sunglasses as this is against dress code I said you look like such a nice young man you must have a reason. Justin took off his hat a showed me the scar across his head and told me he had a tumor removed and another was growing. Justin is out of school for the next 10 for brain surgery. Please pray that they get the tumor and that cancer never returns to this sweet young mans body. We need this boy in the world. He is exceptional!!
michael l. [02/17/2003-57] cleveland, OH USA : thank you for your prayers
Maureen L. [03/08/2004-440] Cleveland, OH USA : 32 year old energetic young mother of 3 beautiful children, diagnosed with glioblastoma. May the love and prayers be heard and new technology be discovered. Please pray!
Gloria Lacey [02/03/2003-39] Irvine, CA USA
L P "Mike" LaFoe [10/15/2003-319] Independence, MO USA : My husband of 43 years was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme grade IV; astrocytoma. Believing in the power of prayer and the mercy of the Lord, we ask to be put on the prayer list.
Suzanne D. LaLonde [01/01/2005-739] Syracuse, NY USA
prem lalwani [05/25/2003-150] bombay, MH india : pls suggest how to have life without stress when one is undergone brainsurgery
Conner Landis [10/18/2008-1644] St. Simons Island, GA USA : 10 year old beautiful little girl. They just found out 11/8/07 will know more after 11/12-JUST PLEASE PRAY FOR CONNER
David Langford [10/09/2003-318] Surprise, AZ USA : My husband was diagnosed on 9-12-03. Please keep him in our prayers.

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