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12/07/2017 Recurrent glioma clinical trial, CheckMate-143: the game is not over yet
12/06/2017 FDA Grants Genentech’s Avastin Full Approval for Most Aggressive Form of Brain Cancer
12/04/2017 A novel immuno-oncology approach to treating a rare childhood brain cancer
12/03/2017 Correction regarding dose of Avastin in an old article
12/03/2017 Tumor response of temozolomide in combination with morphine in a xenograft model of human glioblastoma.
12/02/2017 Promising target for treating brain tumors in children
12/02/2017 Novocure (NVCR) Announces Reimbursement Approval for Optune in Japan for Treatment of Newly Diagnosed GBM
12/02/2017 SNO 2017: Toca 511/FC Lead to Durable Responses in IDH1 Wildtype and Mutant Recurrent High-Grade Glioma
12/02/2017 Inhibition of polo-like kinase 4 (PLK4): a new therapeutic option for rhabdoid tumors and pediatric medulloblastoma
12/02/2017 Researchers identify vulnerability for glioblastoma subtypes
12/02/2017 Novel Agents for GBM: A Review of Trials at SNO 2017
12/02/2017 Novel Agents for GBM and Glioma From SNO 2017
12/02/2017 Key Trials on Gliomas at SNO 2017
12/02/2017 SNO 2017: No Unexpected Safety Issues Arise With Tumor Treating Fields in Glioblastoma Patients With Shunts, Pacemakers, or Defibrillators
12/01/2017 FDA Aims to Expand Early-Approval Program for Promising Drugs
11/24/2017 Effectiveness of ONC201 in H3 K27M Glioma to be Presented at SNO
11/24/2017 Ziopharm says its brain cancer drug helped trial patients live more than a year
11/24/2017 Inovio Starts Trial Testing Triple-combo Immunotherapy in Newly-diagnosed Glioblastoma
11/22/2017 Medicenna Presents Updates on Phase 2b Clinical Trial of MDNA55 at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuro-Oncology
11/21/2017 DelMar Presents Positive Interim Results from VAL-083 Study in MGMT-unmethylated Recurrent GBM at The Society for NeuroOncology Annual Meeting
11/21/2017 High compliance with Optune linked to greatest survival benefit for glioblastoma
11/21/2017 Lomustine and Bevacizumab in Progressive Glioblastoma.
11/21/2017 Local alkylating chemotherapy applied immediately after 5-ALA guided resection of glioblastoma does not provide additional benefit.
11/17/2017 GBM Heroes Honored By CURE
11/17/2017 Patients Who Used Optune® More Than 90 Percent of the Time Had the Greatest Chance of Survival in Novocure’s EF-14 Trial: A Median Survival of 24.9 Months from Randomization and a Five-Year Survival of 29.3 Percent

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