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NCT02791360 : Evaluation of Anatomy, Clinical and Neuropsychological Long-term Sequelae of Patients Treated With Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumor
AgesMin: 18 Years Max: N/A
Inclusion Criteria:

In the case group:

- A history of solid brain tumor or haematological histologically proven.

- Patients previously treated with radiotherapy in this brain tumor (greater than or
equal to 36 Gy dose).

- Radiotherapy treatment on a tumor in place or operated.

- Decline at least 10 years from the end of radiotherapy.

- Treatment with isocentric conformal radiotherapy.

- No other radiation therapy for locally recurrent brain metastases or new brain tumor.

- Lack of known brain metastases or meningeal carcinomatosis.

For the control group:

- Patients previously treated for cancer and disease relapse free for 10 years.

- No brain radiotherapy treatment.

- Lack of treatment with anti-cancer chemotherapy.

- Women of childbearing potential must be under effective contraception.

- Pairing according to age, sex, arms director and socio-cultural level.

For two groups:

- Man or woman aged (e) of minimum 18 years.

- Topic fluent French and comprising well.

- Free and Informed Consent signed.

- The subject should be affiliated to an appropriate social security system

- No cons-indication to MRI.

- The subject must have at least one primary school level

Exclusion Criteria:

In the case group:

- Brain radiotherapy carried out by intensity modulation technique.

- Radiation dose less than 36 Gy on the brain.

- Subject with against-indication to MRI.

For the control group:

- Previous history of brain radiotherapy.

- Previous history of brain surgery.

- Central neurological disorders, such as seizures, uncontrolled.

For two groups:

- Current Topics in oral chemotherapy or intravenous.

- Subject pregnant.

- Subject is not fluent in French or including bad.

- Any geographical conditions, social or associated psychopathology that could
compromise the patient's ability to participate in the study.

- Participation in a therapeutic trial for less than 30 days.

- A person not affiliated with a social security scheme.
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