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NCT03373370 : Early Diagnosis of TTR Amyloidosis by Use of Molecular Biology
AgesMin: 51 Years Max: N/A
Inclusion Criteria:

- A. Adult (>50 yo)

- Chronic Peripheral neuropathies (progressing since 12 months),

- Peripheral neuropathies documentated by ENMG.

1. Chronic polyneuropathy with dysautonomia (orthostatic hypotension) without

2. Atypical CIDP (situations C, D (even with high protid content on CSF) & E as
defined by the French group for study of CIDP).

3. Disabling neuropathy (gait or balance disorder)

4. Neuropathies with upper limb onset who underwent previously CTS surgery without

5. SLA-like syndrome : areflexia with sensory alterations on ENMG. 6: Deterioration
of SNAPs' amplitudes on NCS > 30% in less than6 months by the same NCS laboratory
Mandatory : A+B+C one of 1 to 6

Exclusion criteria :

- Amyloid deposit characterized on biopsy

- Causes of chronic polyneuropathy : Diabetes mellitus, Chronic alcoholic intoxication

- CIDP responding to IVIg or corticosteroids (improvement by 1 point of ONLS).

- Neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammapathy and i) anti-MAG activity or ii) POEMS
syndrome or) CANOMAD syndrome.

- Ataxic Neuropathy due to vitamine B12 deficiency

- Ataxic Neuropathy due to IgM anti-MAG,

- CANOMAD syndrome,

- Ganglionopathy by Sjögren's syndrome, or paraneoplastic syndrome with Anti- Hu
Antibodies, chemotherapy induced (cis-platine, oxaliplatine).

- Positive family history of FAP or FAC

- Proven AL amyloidosis

Exclusion Criteria:
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