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  • Question: My mom (60) was diagnosed with GBM in 2004, but has made a full recovery since then. The last few MRIs highlighted potential pathological lesions in the right temporal/paraventricular area of her brain. Dr. Eller at North Shore University Hospital in Evanson, IL performed a biopsy on March 15, 2011. Since then, my mom is having tremendous difficulties recovering. She looks like a zombie, stares into space, does not recognize family members, rarely understands us, and only rarely is able to respond to our questions. Most of her responses, if these happen, are in the form of gestures and hand waving, sometimes she moves her lips with the correct words, sometimes with random words (like numbers) and rarely we hear a voice response. Prior to this biopsy, she was a fully functioning individual that was able to perform activities of daily life and carry a conversation (although she had some cognitive deficits like memory issues and reasoning, etc.). The doctor who had performed the biopsy thinks that perhaps my mom simply cannot recover from general anesthesia that was administered to her more than 2 weeks ago for the biopsy. I understand it is one theory but I find it extremely unlikely. The general anesthesiologist with whom I spoke yesterday also believes that this is not likely to be the case. Which still leaves us with the question - what is going on with my mom? I would like to obtain a second opinion from one of the top neurosurgery/neuro-oncology teams in the US. Can you please suggest a few doctors/teams that I can get in touch with. Also, do you know what is the procedure to go about it? I would greatly appreciate your advice.
  • Answer:04/03/2011
    She needs an independent neurological consult and most likely a repeat MRI with/without contrast to see if there was a vascular accident in part of her frontal or other lobes.
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