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  • Question: I am a 33 year old male from India. In 2001, I was diagnosed as low grade astrocytoma. Doctors told us no need to worry. In 2007, I came back from SA and had some mri's. Again, doctors told us no problem. In 2010, I faced a problem with walking and frequently have seizures in my right leg and hand. I came back from SA and took the advice of doctors who told me to go for surgery. After surgery, I was diagnosed as OLIGODENDROGLIOMA WHO GRADE II, left parietal lobe on 1/19/2011. After that, they wrote for follow up treatment as was IMRT. After radiation, the doctor advised to do an MRI after one year and I had the MRI on 6/21/2012. The report says: 1) Marginal regression in the size of lesion is noted. 2) Enhancing lesion which was noted in operative bed area in previous scan now reveals complete regression. 3) Small, presistent, well defined cyst is seen in left Centrum semiovale. 4) No evidence of midline shift. Doctor told me to continue tablet which I was take since 2001, FRISIUM 10 AND OXETOL 600. CAN OLIGODENDROGLIOMA WHO GRADE II BE INHERITED? I already have one child and I am looking forward to having another child. Is there any effect of the tablet that I am taking on my child?
  • Answer:07/16/2012
    I do not know the drugs he is on and this deserves a formal consultation not a quick email.
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