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  • Question: My partner was diagnosed with an inoperable grade 4 brain tumour in December, 2010 (size about 4cms). It is in the pineal region, which I have read is extrememly rare. He had 6 weeks of temozolomide and radiation followed by 6 months of temozolomide, which finished in October 2011. We have just had a scan (which we are given every 3 months) which shows that the tumour has shrunk quite significanlty (it has even shrunk by a couple of mm and is less solid than the March scan). The consultant says the shrinkage is due to the chemo, which ended 9 months ago. Is this normal for a grade 4 tumour to continue to reduce so long after the chemo has ended? As I have read that grade 4s are SO RARE in the pineal region, we wondered if it could be due to a misdiagnosis or we were just incredibly lucky.
  • Answer:07/27/2012
    Was there a biopsy? If not, then grade is not relevant since it is unknown. see
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