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  • Question: I am a 29 years young, otherwise healthy male. Three months ago I went to the doctor to complain about a blur in my left eye. After careful examination, I was sent to the MRI and, to my dismay, I was told about a very large tumor+cyst(5x6x7cm)in my frontal lobe. After the urgent surgery, I was told that the cyst was pressing against my optic nerve and that the actual tumor was a low-grade astrocytoma (presumed to be grade I at first but later changed to grade II). I have not had any symptoms before or after surgery, only that my long lasting (10 years or so) neck/headaches have been gone for 12 weeks without any medication. So the actual questions are following: 1) is it possible to have tumor consisting of both grades I and II and if it is, is it a indication for better or worse? 2)Could my tumor be something else than astrocytoma(e.g., schwannoma or oligodendroglioma)? Or are those tumor types clear and without other possibilities? 3) Your suggestion for follow-up treatment?
  • Answer:08/15/2012
    1.Tumors are graded by their highest grade area.

    2. Assessing brain tumors for pathology/tumor type depends on experience. If this was not done at a major brain tumor center, then an expert 2nd opinion should be obtained. Your pathologist can send slides and it is often done. Tumors like this can be mistaken for mixed glioma or oligodendroglioma. 3.Seek the services of a brain tumor specialist-neurooncologist. See, look for lists of how/where to do this.
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