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  • Question: After radiation following brain tumor surgery, I am plagued by 24/7 headache, frequent migraines (every week, double vision, vertigo, acute hearing, light sensitivity and insomnia. My radiation was 8 years ago. I have gone to a pain clinic with no help and have tried most pain medications, along with acupuncture, nerve blocks, biofeedback, and more. Are there any new treatments for me? I am totally disabled because of this.
  • Answer:04/21/2013
    Traditional pain clinics are usually run by anesthesiologists for procedures which generate revenue. They are not truly comprehensive.

    Have you tried a University-based comprehensive clinic? What city are you in? Paul M. Zeltzer MD Co-Founder, GoMed Solutions Inc. and and Clinical Professor in Neurosurgery David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
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