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  • Question: My 11-year-old daughter has suffered with daily headaches for at least six years, probably longer. She would wake up throwing up and then go back to sleep or throw up in the car. Last year, I took her to the pediatric doctor and that got the ball roling to get her evaluated. Her MRI showed enlarged ventricles and the doctor said MAYBE pseudotumor. She had a spinal tap and since then has lost 16 lbs. and continues to have CDH on Topamax now. She has a possible diagnosis of NF1 due to CALs. She is missing her septum pellicidum and started puberty at age 7. I feel that the doctors are missing something as she still suffers with these H/As. No contrast on MRI. Any suggestions as to what else to look for?
  • Answer:02/24/2005
    Suggest she see one of the Pediatric Neurosurgeons at a major brain tumor center, one with lots of experience.

    Paul M. Zeltzer MD
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