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  • Question: In April 2005, my then 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It grew and developed a cyst within 6 months and was surgically removed. It is believed the tumor was totally removed. The RI lab graded her tumor a level 2. We asked for a second opinion and John Hopkins said it was a grade 3 tumor. How can there be this discrepancy? What are the chances this tumor will reoccur? I am looking at it as a completely removed Grade 2 or 3 ependymoma.
  • Answer:07/31/2006
    There can always be diffencences of opinion when pathologists review specimens, and Ependymomas can be difficult to interpret in terms of degree of malignancy. If the tumor was indeed completely removed, the chances for recurrence are less, but also depend upon the location of the tumor. I would be be happy to provide further comments if you can send me more information regarding the site of the lesion, surgical approach, and any planned further treatment.

    Stephen J. Thompson, MD
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