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  • Question: CORRETCION---- My daughter was diognosed at age 12 with “astrocytoma with piloid features.” Brain stem glioma . she had surgery but the total tumor could not be removed . she is now 19 yrs old . and her dr told us yesterday that her last mri 3 weeks ago concerns him . his words ---> I am concerned about the change in enhancement characteristics now, and wonder as did the radiologists — if the character and type of the tumor has changed to something more serious. The worst case scenario would be that this is something malignant now and not curable. end of dr's quotes --- My question is should we just sit back and not worry for 3 months ?? he says NOT TOO WORRY , SEE HIM IN 3 MONTHS also there is a thick bright complete ring around her tumor that was NOT there 8 months ago . and she suffers bad headaches and bad back pain . please help with any advise you can offer . Thankyou - A very concerned Mom
  • Answer:09/29/2008
    This type of tumor can be very tricky to diagnose when actual progression occurs. There are a few brain tumor centers in the US that have neurossurgeons experienced in both diagnosing and possibly removing these tumors in the brain stem. See Chapter 7 and Chapter 10 in .
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