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  • Question: My mother had a cyst on the brain removed by Dr. Leo Davidoff in NY when she was 16. This was done 60 years ago. I'm sorry, I don't know what type of cyst it was. In the past year, she has small wires coming out of the top of her forehead. She has been to several physicians to ask about this. At first, they thought they were hairs, but a plastic surgeon biopsied the area and snipped the wires. My first question is: Did they use wires to close the wound year ago? And, she would like to know what to do with this now. No one seems to be able to give her a concrete answer. She lives in New York City. The plastic surgeon clipped the wires, but they have appeared again. She's 76 and doesn't want to go for brain surgery at this age, but she is concerned because they hurt her when she washes her face. Has anybody every heard of such a thing before? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. I think you sire is a wonderful source of information. Elyse Berman Delray Beach, FL 561-716-7824
  • Answer:10/09/2008
    Get a second opinion with an experienced neurosurgeon. See or Chapter 7 in book at for a national listing of these experts.
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