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bthealthykids will now be run by Kelli Lefebre,
btcaregivers is run by Sandie Norton,
supreme crossings is run by Marcia Rohr,

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    • bthealthykids: This is a list created by brain tumor patients and caregivers of brain tumor patients who, in addition to the many demands that come from dealing with a brain tumor in the family, are also contending with the day-to-day joys and sorrows of raising children. There are many extra concerns and stresses with respect to parenting issues, whether they have to do with the children's questions about the brain tumor or a simple bee sting. This list is run by Kelli Lefebre,
    • btcaregivers: This is the only forum where brain tumor caregivers can praise and rail, laugh and fume, feel their whole fear and release their stress without the worry of hurting the loved one for whom they offer care. Just as there are things that patients can only discuss with each other, there are things that caregivers can only truly express to other caregivers. This list is run by Jenny Lyons,
    • SupremeCrossings Mailing List: open to any individual needing support or wishing to provide support in the areas of Brain Tumor end of life, before, during and after as well as sharing and providing home health care support issues. This list is run by Marcia Rohr,
  • Everyone is welcome to join.
  • NOTE: These lists are run by people mentioned above, not by the Musella Foundation. It is just listed here for your convienence, since they are so important!
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