Karnofsky Score
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Karnofsky score is a subjective measure of how well the patient is doing. It is useful to track it over time, to see ups and downs in the disease process. You can join our Virtual Trial Project to help you track your Karnofsky score over time! The Karnofsky score is also sometimes used as a criteria for entrance into a clinical trial.

  • 100: Normal, no complaints or evidence of disease
  • 90: Able to perform normal activity; minor signs and symptoms of disease
  • 80: Able to perform normal activity with effort; some signs and symptoms of disease
  • 70: Cares for self, unable to perform normal activity or to do active work
  • 60: Requires occasional assistance but is able to care for most of own needs
  • 50: Requires considerable assistance and frequent medical care
  • 40: Requires special care and assistance; disabled
  • 30: Hospitalization indicated, although death not imminent; severely disabled
  • 20: Hospitalization necessary; active supportive treatment required, very sick
  • 10: Fatal processes progressing rapidly; moribund
  • 0: Dead

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