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06/21/17 Looking Ahead: Combination Offers New Hope For Glioblastoma        

They are talking about the  combination of Tarceva and Thalidomide.  Looks good in the lab but needs to be tested in people.  Both parts are approved for other diseases so they should be easy to get.  I checked our virtual trial results. We had 2 glioblastoma  patients who reported using that combination. (and 2 patients with other tumor types) . One died after 24 months, the other is alive at over 10 years.  That is good - but you can not go by just 2 patients. If you try the combination, please join the virtual trial first so we can track it.

06/21/17 Cash-strapped ImmunoCellular halts brain cancer vaccine trial, eyes 'strategic alternatives'        

 This is a shame. There were long term survivors from the trials, and there were basically no side effects. Even if it helps 20% of the people, it is worth using. I hope they find a way to continue.

06/18/17 Diffusion Pharmaceuticals seeks Wall Street investment while staying local        

 This is an important trial.  In the phase 2 trial, on newly diagnosed GBM patients who only had biopsies - not subtotal resection or complete resection, they had "in patients with inoperable tumors, who demonstrated a 380 percent increase in survival at two years."

This is so important that I am including it in my presentation to the FDA next week as an example of a drug that needs to be approved quickly!

06/17/17 A Nontoxic Pill to Replace Chemotherapy? It’s Possible        

 It is way too early to declare success but I love to see they are working on it.

06/16/17 Researchers assess pinworm medication for adults, children with glioblastoma        

 Very interesting, because if it is found to help, it can be used immediately as it is already approved for other uses and can be used off label.


06/12/17 First Patient Enrolled in RTOG Trial of Optune® together with Bevacizumab for Patients with Bevacizumab-Refractory Recurrent Glioblastoma        

 Interesting combination.  I would guess the concept they are going after is that Avastin, when it fails, doesn't just stop working - it just doesn't work enough but still is slowing down the tumor.  If you add Optune, perhaps the combination could be strong enough to stop the tumor.  Hate to say, but it may make more sense to just start Optune at the start - right after radiation - on newly diagnosed people.  For those that missed that opportunity, this trial makes sense.

[Disclaimer: Novocure is a sponor of our organizaiton]

06/08/17 FDA has approved Gleolan        

 This allows for a more complete resection!  If you are going to have a brain tumor surgery, ask your neurosurgeon about this to see if it is appropriate for your case!

06/07/17 Medicenna’s Immunotherapy Phase 2b Trial Underway Using Brainlab Drug Delivery Technology        

 [Disclosure - this company is a sponsor of the Musella Foundation|    It looks like the technology to get the drug in the correct spot at the right concentration is finally here. Follow the link in the press release to the background info on the delivery system.  And this may be the right drug to use. In an earlier study, in recurrent GBM patients, they had a few complete responders, with some still  alive 4 years later.  

06/07/17 Five years before brain cancer diagnosis, changes detectable in blood        

 This is a major find.  It may lead to a simple blood test to predict risk of developing a brain tumor - and perhaps even lead to research on how to stop the formation of the brain tumor if you know it is coming!

06/07/17 New Target Found to Attack an Incurable Brain Tumor in Children        

 75% of pediatric DIPG patients have this - and there is a drug available against it which can be used off label. Hope they quickly start trials on DIPG kids.

06/07/17 Estimating the annual frequency of synchronous brain metastasis in the United States 2010–2013: a population-based study        

 Not enough attention is being paid to metastatic brain tumors.  They are much more common than the primary brain tumors.  

The Musella Foundation is listed as a sponsor of this research!  Good work!

06/01/17 Musella Foundation awards 7 brain tumor research grants!        

 I would like to thanks all of the volunteers and participants in our "Natioanl Walk To End Brain Tumors" who made this possible, as well as the donors to our organization and the families that named us for memorial donations.

05/30/17 Efficacy Results for ONC201 in Recurrent Glioblastoma Published        
 Impressive results in a few patients. Interesting about the  histone H3 tumor mutations - it has been shown that brainstem gliomas commonly have that mutation. Unfortunately only adults are getting access to this compationate use program now. Maybe they will expand it to children after a few adults do well.
The Musella Foundation funded the early work on this new treatment!


 We had a good response when I announced this last week but there are still 10 more spots available!  It is a 30 minute survey - you get paid $75, and the Musella Foundation gets a donation also!

05/25/17 Study provides better understanding of how brain tumors 'feed'        

 This is the type of basic research that can lead to major advances!

05/25/17 Four Neuro-Oncology Experts to Lead New Glioblastoma Research Center at NewYork-Presbyterian        

 These are some of the brightest minds in the field. Great to see them working together!

05/21/17 New research finds an existing antibody can help kill cancer cells        

 Very exciting -  this is another way to modulate the immune system to help the body fight the cancer!

05/20/17 Market Research Opportunity for GBM Patients - ONLINE SURVEY        

 This is another market research survey.  The Musella Foundation gets a donation from them when patients take the survey.  They recently donated $2,500 to us, as well as paying each participant $70. Not bad for 30 minutes of your time!  Let me know if you take the survey!

05/20/17 Defining optimal cutoff value of MGMT promoter methylation by ROC analysis for clinical setting in glioblastoma patients.        

Until recently, this did not matter much, but as we get closer to treatments that can work on patients with unmethylated MGMT, this becomes of utmost importance.    To recap:  MGMT is a repair enzyme that can fix the damage caused by Temozolomide, making the cells resistant to Temozolomide. "Methylation of MGMT" means that the gene that codes for the MGMT repair enzyme is blocked so it cannot make the MGMT enzyme - which gives a better result for Temozolomide.   "Unmethylated MGMT" thus means that the gene is not blocked, and it makes the repair enzyme, so Temozolomide has much less chance of helping.  The controversy is that most tests do not say you are 100% methylated or unmethylated.  It is open to interpretation of where the cutoff between methylated and unmethylated lies.  Pathology labs should show the % of methylated cells in addition to the label of unmethylated or methylated, as this cutoff value can change.

05/19/17 Regression of Glioblastoma after Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy        

 This is one of the most exciting treatments in the pipeline, but it is only 1 patient.  We will keep an eye on this.

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