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10/18/17 Arsenic identified as a potential treatment for brain cancer        

 These researchers looked back at a failed trial and found that for a specific subtype of gbm, it actually doubles or triples average survival.  They are running a trial on that subtype now.


10/18/17 Diffusion Sprints on FDA Nod for Brain Cancer Treatment        

 This clinical trial should be considered by anyone with an inoperable gbm. Early results looked very good.

10/18/17 Clinical trial targets the most common form of brain cancer        

 This is an interesting video about the trial of MDNA55. This is a new approach to treatment and did well in earlier studies.  (Medicenna is a sponsor of the Musella Foundation)

10/12/17 Fake Blogs: Warnings About Medical Advice from Online ‘Experts’        

 This is the greatest benefit of our online support groups.  We have people who have been through everything, and have researched everything.  It is a place where you can boucne ideas off of others instead of just finding random medical advice on the internet.  It is impossible for someone who was recently diagnosed to understand the difference between real and fake news.  They so much want to find a cure that they may be easily mislead by unscrupulous people.  Actually, some of the people promoting these cures are good people who actually believe in it - because they do not have the background to understand how science works. An example:  a relative was fighting a gbm and went through ups and downs.  One down (after her 3rd course of radiation) was so bad we thought it was the end. She could only eat lemon ices. Had trouble chewing and swallowing anything else. And she had a miraculous recovery. In her mind, it was due to the lemon ices and she was telling people to eat lemon ices. In reality - the down was caused by damage and swelling from the radiation, which she recovered from.  It is all in the point of view.

The best online support group for brain tumor patients is the braintumor treatments group at

10/11/17 Mustang CAR-T brain tumor trial gets funds to expand        

 This is one of the most promising treatments in the pipeline.

10/11/17 Immunomic Therapeutics Offers Travel Fund for Clinical Trial Patients        

 This is another of my favorite trials,  They now offer free travel to Florida for participants!

10/11/17 Areas of glioblastoma tumors correlate with separate subtypes of glioma stem cells        

 This is the type of research and thinking that can lead to major breakthroughs. Figuring out why treatments fail, and putting together intelligent combinations is the path to breakthroughs.  This research is in mice, hope they try it on people soon.

10/10/17 Medicenna Presents Clinical Data on Initial Experience from Ongoing Phase 2b Study of MDNA55        

 They did not say how the patients did, but they did report that they were able to deliver the drug to the correct place in a higher percentage of the time than in previous trials.  That was the big problem with previous trials involving convection enhanced delivery.  In the first such trial, the PRECISE trial, it was found that most or all of the patients did not get the drug to the correct place - which didn't give the drug a chance to work - so the trial failed. More recently the Tocagen trials have used CED and have vastly improved the ability to get the drug where it needs to go. Hopefully this is another step toward getting the drug to the correct place 100% of the time.

(Disclaimer: Medicenna is a sponsor of the Musella Foundation)

10/10/17 New resources for children affected by brain tumors in the family!        

 We partnered with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to distribute these animated films for any kids who either have a tumor or know someone with a tumor. Makes it easy to explain to kids what is going on.  

10/09/17 Combination Treatment Targeting Glucose in Advanced Brain Cancer Shows Promising Results in Preclinical Study        

 Interesting approach.  Works in mouse model, hope it works in human trials!

10/07/17 ABC²'s Research Showcase: INSIGhT - The First-Ever Adaptive Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma        

 This is the wave of the future in clinical trial design. They will be broadcasting the event on facebook.


10/07/17 Many new cancer drugs don't save lives        

 What these people do not understand is that for the hard to treat cancers - like glioblastoma, the cure is most likely not going to be a single drug.  It will be a combination of several treatments.  However, we can not easily test the combinations until the drugs are approved.  The huge failure is they are not tracking the results.  I feel the only way to home in on the ultimate cocktail is to track all cancer patients - the treatments they do and the outcome. Without that data we are doomed to failure.

10/05/17 Neuro-Oncologist Dr. Howard Fine wins NIH Director's Pioneer Award        

 Congratulations to one of my favorite neuro-oncs!


Well deserved!

10/03/17 FDA simplifies Institutional Review Board review requirements for physicians seeking individual patient expanded access - Drug Information Update        

 The FDA issued 3 new guidence documents relating to expanded access of experimental drugs.  This makes it a lot easier for your doctor to get permission to use them. Big step, but not enough.  

10/02/17 VBL Therapeutics Announces Positive Outcome in the Third and Final DSMC Review of Phase 3 GLOBE Trial Investigating VB-111 in Recurrent GBM        

This is a good sign - no safety problems identified and the trial will be allowed to continue until it completes.

09/29/17 Biologists identify possible new strategy for halting brain tumors        

 Interesting research.

09/29/17 I’m dying of brain cancer. I prepared to end my life. Then I kept living.        

 This is a common topic of conversation.  My views are that assisted suicide has a place - but most consider it way too early, just like this man.  You get diagnosed, read about the horrors of the diagnosis on the internet and give up.  But what is missed is that some people do beat this. There is progress every week. Just this week, we published 2 articles showing major gains:  adding CCNU to Temodar upped the average survival to 46 months.. which means half of the people lived longer than that!  And the long term results of the Optune trial showing that the 5 year survival rate, which was stuck at 5% for the last 100 years or so, is now 13%.  (Still bad, but a lot better than 5%)

09/27/17 Amazing increase in survival for newly diagnosed GBM by adding CCNU        

 This study shows an amazing increase in survival by adding ccnu to Temozolomide.  These treatments are already available and may be worth asking your doctors about now. 

09/24/17 Combination of Optune® with Temozolomide Demonstrates Unprecedented Five-Year Survival for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Patients        

 The 5 year results for Optune just came out and they were unbelievably good.  This is a large study in newly diagnosed GBM patients so the results are significant. Bottom line: 5 year survival rate was 13% for the Optune (plus Temodar) group and only 5% for the Temodar alone group.  That is a major step forward.

09/24/17 How the poliovirus can be used to battle lethal cancers        

 This is one of the more exciting experimental treatments in the pipeline. We (the Musella Foundation) has funded a small part of it! 

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