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Brain Tumor Clinical Trials
11/28/2019 Maryam Rahman, MD
What is Leukophoresis
11/28/2019 Maryam Rahman, MD
NCT02465268: Vaccine Therapy for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme (ATTAC-II)
2019 Brain Tumor Webinar Series
5/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Zabramski
Professor of Neurological Surgery and is the Director of Clinical Neurosurgery Research at the Barrow Neurological in Phoenix Arizona
Gamma Tiles for Brain Tumors
5/15/2019 Harry Gruber, MD
President, Tocagen, Inc
Toca 511 for Brain Tumors
5/15/2019 Oncoceutics Team
Onc-201 for DIPG and H3K27M Glioma
5/12/2019 Manmeet Ahluwalia, MD
Associate Director and Head of Operations, Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, Cleveland Clinic
Professor, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Immunotherapy of brain tumors with an emphasis on: The SurVaxM Vaccine, Checkpoint Inhibitors and Toca 511
5/5/2019 David M Ashley, MBBS, FRACP, PhDa
Director, Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke
Vaccines, viruses and other immune therapies for malignant glioma
2018 Brain Tumor Webinar Series
9/17/2018 Drs. Michael Schulder and Anuj Goenka
Brain Tumor Center at Northwell Healths Neuroscience Institute
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
7/22/2018 Maryam Rahman, M.D.
Assistant professor in the department of neurosurgery at the University of Florida
Brain Tumor Vaccines
5/6/2018 Joseph C. Landolfi, D.O., Diplomate ABPN
Vice Chair, Clinical Services and Operations,JFK Neuroscience Institute
Section Chief, Neuro-oncology and Radiosurgery, JFK Brain Tumor Center
Professor of Neurology, Seton Hall-Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
5/12/2018 Isabelle M Germano, MD, MBA
Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Oncological Sciences
Director of The Mount Sinai Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program
5/20/2018 Henry S. Friedman, MD
Neuro-oncologist, adult and pediatric
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke
5/27/2018 Eric T. Wong, MD
Co-Director, Brain Tumor Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
At a Turning Point: Novel Therapeutic Developments in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Research
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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12/17/2014 Welcome and introduction
M. Karen Newell-Rogers, PhD
Eric T. Wong, MD, FANA Presentation
12/17/2014 Innovation in Neuro-Oncology: Lessons from the Folkman Legacy of AntiAngiogenesis for Effective Combination Therapies
Keynote Speaker
Steven Brem, MD Presentation
12/17/2014 Disruption of Cell Division Within Anaphase by Tumor Treating Electric Fields (TTFields) Leads to Immunogenic Cell Death: Implications for Treating Gliobastoma
by Kenneth Swanson, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 Dexamethasone Exerts Profound Interference on NovoTTF-100A Efficacy for Recurrent Glioblastoma
Eric T. Wong, MD Presentation
12/17/2014 Extent of resection in Glioblastoma: personalized survival modeling and development of decision-making tools in oncology
Steven Toms, MD, FACS, MPH Presentation
12/17/2014 Preoperative treatment of glial tumors with Temodal looking at variable expression of MGMT in tumor and normal tissue removed at operation
Rolando Del Maestro, MD, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 Remarks from a Familys Perspective
Dellann Elliott Mydland Presentation
12/17/2014 Class II antigen presentation in health and disease
Elizabeth (Betsy) Mellins, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 The role of lymphatics in CSF regulation and immune function
David Zawieja, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 Real time optogenetic control of seizures - from neurons to circuits to behavior
John R. Huguenard, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 Developing personalized human cellular models for neuropsychiatric disorders
Sergiu Pasca, MD Presentation
12/17/2014 Applying lessons on cell death from plants to GBM
Martin B. Dickman, PhD Presentation
12/17/2014 The intersection of minds: New directions for developing novel therapies for GBM
M. Karen Newell-Rogers, PhD Presentation
Diagnosis Brain Tumor: You Are Not Alone V
JFK Medical Center, Edison NJ October 5, 2013
11/6/2013 Keynote Address - Advances In the Treatment Of Brain Tumors - Steven Brem, MD Video
11/6/2013 Adult Brain Tumors - Joseph Landolfi, DO Video
11/6/2013 Pediatric Brain Tumors - Mark M. Souweidane, MD, FACS, FAAP Video
11/6/2013 Young Adults With Brain Tumors: Patients and Survivors - Matthew Zachary Video
11/6/2013 Understanding Your Neuropatholgy Report - David Zagzag, MD Video
11/6/2013 Newly Diagnosed - Now What? - Diane Bier Video
11/6/2013 The Evidence Behind Hope - Susan Fowler, Ph.D., RN, CNRN, FAHA Video
12/1/2013 Technology, Radiology and Neurosurgery - Stephen Bloomfield, MD Video
12/1/2013 Life Planning - Patty Anthony, RN, BSN, CNRN Video
11/6/2013 Neuropsychology and how the brain works - Norman Eisenstein, PhD Video
12/1/2013 Quality of Life for Brain Tumor Survivors - Nancy Conn-Levin Video
12/1/2013 Understanding Palliative Care & Hospice - JFK Haven Hospice Staff Video
12/1/2013 Living With A Brain Tumor: Surviving and Thriving Video
12/12013 Caring for a Loved One With a Brain Tumor Video
11/6/2012 Closing Remarks - Questions and Answers - and about the Musella Foundation Video
12/1/2013 Camp Jinka Video A free camp for kids and teens dealing with a brain tumor in the family
12/1/2013 Awards Presentations Video To Bruce Blount and Matthew Zachary
Super Selective Intra Arterial Infusion (of Avastin)
8/7/2012 * * * * Super Selective Intra Arterial Infusion Video Presented at the CNJBTSG meeting 8/2/2012.
An animation of what it means to be diagnosed with a gbm
1/6/2011 videoanimation.cfm
Diagnosis Brain Tumor - You Are NOT Alone IV: JFK Medical Center, October 29, 2011
12/1/2011 Opening Remarks Video
11/21/2011 New Therapies for Brain Tumors by Michael Vogelbaum, M.D., Ph.D. Video
12/1/2011 Adult Brain Tumors
Joseph Landolfi, D.O. Video
12/1/2011 Nonmalignant Brain Tumors - Nothing Benign About It! - Thomas Steineke, MD, PhD Video
11/14/2011 Patty Anthony, RN, BSN, CNRN on The Brain Tumor Maze: Insurance, Disability and More! Video
11/14/2011 Navigating the Medical Insurance Maze by Denise Sikora! Video
11/14/2011 Diane Bier on Brain Tumor Activism! Video
11/21/2011 Newly Diagnosed Brain Tumor: Now What? Diane Bier Video
11/21/2011 Quality of Life for Brain Tumor Survivors by Nancy Conn-Levin, MA Video
11/21/2011 What brain tumor caregivers need to know! By Judy Zocchi Video
11/21/2011 Neuropsychology and how your brain works - Norman Eisenstein, PhD Video
11/21/2011 Pediatric Brain Tumors - By Kathy Warren, MD Video
11/21/2011 Immunotherapy For Brain Tumors by Hideho Okada, MD Phd Video
11/21/2011 Clinical Trials: Are they right for you? Linda Thomas, RN, MPA Video
11/21/2011 Understanding Palliative Care and Hospice - Erica Kolb Video
11/21/2011 Speech Therapy for Brain Tumor Patients Lynn Cerillo, MS, CCC-SLP Video
11/21/2011 Young Adults with Brain Tumors: Patients & Survivors Matthew Zachary Video
Together in Hope 2011 - Houston, TX May 20-22, 2011
5/20/2011 Welcome Video
5/20/2011 Personalized Medicine: Video
5/20/2011 Neurosurgery 101 Video
5/20/2011 Brain Tumor Primer: Video
5/20/2011 Symptoms Management Video
5/20/2011 Keynote Address: Video
5/20/2011 Surfing the Web for Brain Tumor Information:Video
5/20/2011 Whats New In Brain Tumors: Video
5/20/2011 Maximizing Cognitive Function: Video
5/20/2011 Surgery and Reoperation Options: Video
5/20/2011 Novel Radiation Therapy: Video
5/20/2011 Whats New In Treatments Video
Advanced Brain Tumor Treatments Conference - Ashland, OR Sept 18-19, 2009 (Videos posted here 3/2010)
[This is the Advanced Brain Tumor Course. For people new to brain tumors, start at the Introductory section below!]
3/16/2010 Dr. Herb Englehard (University Illinois at Chicago) on Novocure TTF (Tumor Treating Fields) Video
3/16/2010 Dr. Greg Foltz (Swedish Medical Center): Individialized Treatments.Video
3/16/2010 Dr. John Yu (Cedars-Sinai) and Dr. Paul Zeltzer discussion on Dendritic Cell Vaccines. Video
3/16/2010 Dr. John Yu (Cedars-Sinai), Dendritic Cell Vaccines.Video
3/16/2010 Dr. Paul Zeltzer (UCLA), DC Vax Vaccine Video
3/16/2010 Prof. Ben Williams(UC San Diego): Off-Label, Cocktail Treatments. Video
3/16/2010 Dr. Jim Olson(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center): Pedriatic Brain Tumors, Retinoids. Video
3/16/2010 Dr. Susan Chang (UCSF), Upcoming Clinical Trials, Imaging Advances. Video
3/16/2010 Denis Strangman, International Brain Tumour Alliance. Video
3/16/2010 Cheryl Broyles, biologist and 8-year GBM survivor Video
3/16/2010 Al Musella (Musella Foundation) and Evan Louie (C.E.V.E.N. Louie Foundation) Introductions and the Grey Ribbon Crusade!Video
3/16/2010 Jonathan Treasure - "Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions" Video
3/16/2010 Donald Yance, CN, MH, RH: Herbs and Nutrition.Video
Diagnosis Brain Tumor - You Are NOT Alone III: JFK Medical Center, May 9th, 2009
[This is the 'Introduction to Brain Tumors' Course]
6/14/2009 Welcome and CNJBTSG History by Stan Shrodo! High Speed
5/30/2009 Welcoming Remarks:
Joseph Landolfi, D.O., Director of Neuro-oncology, NJ Neuroscience Institute Brain Tumor Center at JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ
Video | IPHONE(Right click and select save as)
5/31/2009 Keynote Address- Developing New Therapies for Brain Tumors
by Henry Brem, M.D., Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, The Johns Hopkins Hospital; Harvey Cushing Profession of Neurosurgery, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
High Speed | Low Speed | IPHONE
6/1/2009 David Bailey Low Speed | IPHONE
6/1/2009 Benign Brain Tumors
Thomas Steineke, M.D., Ph.D.
High Speed | Low Speed | IPHONE
6/3/2009 Neuro-Imaging: Understanding What Scans Can Show
Noam Eshkar, M.D., NJ Neuroscience Institute, JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ
Low Speed | IPHONE
6/3/2009 Riding The Brain Tumor Rollercoaster
Patty Anthony, RN and Allison Hofman
High Speed | Low Speed
6/6/2009 Quality Of Life For Brain Tumor Survivors
Jennifer Brusstar
President and CEO
Tug McGraw Foundation
High Speed | Low Speed | IPHONE
6/6/2009 Surviving a Terminal Brain Tumor
Ben Williams, PhD
High Speed | Low Speed | IPHONE
6/8/2009 Seizures
Diane Poracky, RN, BSN, CNRN, CCRN
Epilepsy Nurse Clinicaian
NJ Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center
6/9/2009 Activism and Raising Brain Tumor Awareness
Debbie Persaud
High Speed | Low Speed
6/13/2009 What Brain Tumor Caregivers Need To Know
Judy Zocchi
High Speed | Low Speed
6/13/2009 Spinal Tumors: Minimally Invasive Surgery
Greg Przybylski, MD
High Speed | Low Speed
6/14/2009 Newly Diagnosed: Now What?
Diane Bier
High Speed | Low Speed
6/14/2009 T.B.I. Fund and Finanical Assistance
Joseph Amoroso, M.A.
This is a must watch for any patients from NJ!
High Speed | Low Speed
8/21/2009 Closing Remarks
Debbie Persaud
High Speed | Low Speed
Memorial Alicia Pueyo DIPG Workshop in Barcelona Spain on Februrary 26, 2009
6/3/2009 Diffuse Pontine Glioma Darren Hargrave
6/3/2009 Diffuse Pontine Glioma -Sri Gurugagan
6/3/2009 Development of Novel Therapeutics and Targeted Delivery in Pediatric Brainstem Glioma
6/3/2009 New Clinical Trials at St Judes/ PBTC and Biological Tumor Studies for DIPG
6/3/2009 Molecular Gliomagenesis
6/3/2009 Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma - a Clinical Introduction
6/3/2009 Molecular Medcine For Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma
6/3/2009 Gene Therapy Strategies
6/3/2009 The Origin of Brainstem Tumors
6/3/2009 Murine Animal Models of Brainstem Tumors and Delivery Systems of Drugs to the Brainstem
National Caregivers Conference: Monmouth Medical Center. March 21, 2009
7/12/2009 Introduction and Welcome Remarks
7/12/2009 Brain Tumor Basics Part 1
7/12/2009 Brain Tumor Basics Part 2
7/12/2009 Brain Tumor Basics Part 3
7/12/2009 Brain Tumor Basics Part 4
7/12/2009 Brain Tumor Basics Part 5
7/12/2009 Managing Symptoms at Home
7/12/2009 Taking Care of Business - Disability and State Programs
7/12/2009 Taking Care of Business - Legal Issues
7/12/2009 Effects of a Brain Tumor on Family - Dealing with Changes, Maintaining a Relationship, Talking with Children
7/12/2009 Updates on Brain Tumor Treatments and Clinical Trials
7/12/2009 I Respectfully Disagree - Advocacy for Your Loved One
7/12/2009 Surviving Caregiver Stress - Lessons Learned
FDA ODAC Meeting on Avastin for Brain Tumors
4/20/2009 Al Musella´s presentation at the ODAC meeting on 3/31/2009

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